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Fnally a Place for Beagles

Ok I get that this forum isn't new but it's new to me and given the sheer number of photos we take of our Beagle I'm happy to have a place where everyone else will think she's just as cute as I do!!

This is our Beagle (aptly named "Beagle") who is right now our only child as you can tell by the fact that both of these photos are taken with her on a bed (I know, bad parenting). She is 3.5 yers old, quite excitable sometimes and sleeps alot other times. She loves swimming, sleeping and anything that might possibly be edible.

So - I'm wondering is burrowing in blankets, pillows, or large stuffed dogs just a beagle thing? seems unless it's really warm she won't sleep without being buried by something, face and all.
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