Kel (kemay) wrote in beagleqa,

Introducing... Bandit. :)

There's my 1 year old beagle, Bandit. We rescued him in March from a family who didn't quite understand the needs of a beagle (they had him chained up in their garage). Since then he's taken quite nicely to the "family" life. And now, he's spoiled rotten. :)

I do have one question-
He loves to play with our two kittens. However, our two kittens don't really want to play with him (they hiss and swat and run away). Bandit gets attention from my husband and myself- we play ball with him, take him on walks, chase him around the house, etc. The longest he's ever left alone is 5 hours (and that's rare) as my husband and I work different shifts so one of us is usually home for him. And on the weekends, he goes everywhere with us. But he still tries to play with the cats. Do you think he needs a canine companion?

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