Lindsey Locke (lindsey_locke) wrote in beagleqa,
Lindsey Locke

Beaglie question

Hi! My name is Cat, and I have a 14-month-old male red tick beagle named Damien.

Now, Damien can be a bit high strung (as beagles are). After much consideration, I decided that I wanted to keep an eye out for a playmate/ girlfriend for Damien.

I was at Animal control, and I found Blair. They're so cute together, and we had several playdates before finally having her fixed (because Damien isn't) and bringing her home.

It's been about three weeks since she's been here, and they are SO crazy. I don't really know what to do. I love Damien, and Blair tries really hard to be good, but the just run and play fight ALL DAY LONG. If Blair has a toy, Damien MUST have it, and vice versa. They bark constantly at each other and if I put all the toys away (hoping perhaps they'll calm down) they just fight and play and fight.

And I'm not really kidding. They do this for hours and hours. I've yet to see them NOT act like this. Because I work, and my boyfriend works, we're crate-training them, but they don't spend more than a few hours in their crates at a time (usually my hours overlap Chris' hours, so the dogs have a lot of time with at least one of us).

I just don't know how to promote calm, loving behavior between the two of them. They're so wild when they're together.

And help? Please?

Damien being excited.

  Damien being charming.

  Blair sneaking around (sorry for the bad picture, she's new, I don't have many pictures of her).

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