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sudden behavior change

My Beagle Peanut is 4 years old. She has epliepsy and is on phenobarbital to control the seizures and she has only had one or two since she started which is vast improvement from the 2 or 3 a month she was having. However, a couple weeks ago she had an allergic reaction to something, and her neck was swollen, she had hives, and also was vomiting. We rushed her to the only open vet on a sunday and he gave her like four different meds. She started acting very strange. She peed on the floor, started eating everything in sight including some very important things to me. Well after doing some research we found that the one drug actually lowered her threshold for a seizure. We immediately stopped her on that medicine. (I was a little annoyed that the vet didn't know better). We figured this would solve the problem... But alas it hasn't. I've found her pulling books off bookshelves, peeing on the floor, pooping on the floor, eating granola bars and their wrappers, all you have to do is turn your back one second and she probably finds something.
Then my mom suggested that perhaps she was having a weird reaction to my pregnancy hormones. Anybody know if this is possible? I just know my husband and I would really like to have our nice peaceful dog back, not this crazy heathen dog. We've tried several training methods on her that were what originally trained her when I got her a couple years ago.

Thanks for any advice!
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