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I was just informed today that my friend Jenn is going to give away her full bred beagle, Bailey (my Winnie’s brother) to the Nashua Humane society :(
I’m the one that gave her Bailey and for some reason she didn’t tell me. I found out through my other friend just this morning (I’m a little upset with her)... she just had a baby and doesn’t have the time or enough attention to give the dog and she knows its not fair to him... I just don’t understand why she couldn’t tell me or even try to look for a new home... anyway, I was wondering if you or anyone you know is looking for another dog in the Mass/New Hampshire area. He is two years old, turns three on Oct. 6th, he’s great with children and is well behaved. Updated shots yearly, neutered and is in good health. He is such a sweetie pie too. I would take him but I'm only allowed one dog where I live :( Let me know, I’ll get some pics if you’d like.
I sent her an email this morning and she replied me with these words;

"Makes me cry just thinking about it (makes Dean cry too, and that should say a lot – he doesn’t cry about anything) – but this is not fair to him now – Dean’s schedule puts him home just before 6pm (he gets to daycare JUST in time to pick up Ethan) and Bailey is in his kennel from the time Dean leaves (7:15) till then... he needs a yard he can play in, and be his hyper self......he can’t do that where we are, and it shows, he’s depressed Patty, he sits by the back door all night and whines... till we leash him & let him go roll in the grass for a few minutes – I can’t even sit on my back porch with him tethered out back anymore, so he has some sense of freedom (they changed the rules – owner must have leash in hand) or be fined, or worse be told the dog is no longer allowed – no matter how sweet they are... and to make matters worse – we now have a pit bull living next door – and she does not like Bailey – don’t know why, all he did was walk up to her and sniff her nose – Dean didn’t want him getting any closer than that, just in case she’s as mean to other dogs as her owner is to her...I don’t suppose you know anyone with a nice yard, and a bit of patience, that wants a very loving puppy (with a tendency to be hyper)... yes, he’s still a puppy to me...and I’m gonna miss him terribly...gotta go, I’m crying about this soon... if you know anyone, PLEASE let me know... :( "

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